Durmite came from a large carrot of a Wiggler's garden, she wears a ribbon on her head, and a funnel-like snout, similar to Birdo's trunk. She has the body somewhat similar to a Wiggler, only with small, white feet, and a white/yellow line splitting the wiggler-birdo's colors. One half green-blue, and the other side pink.

Durmite came from a large carrot of a Wiggler's garden that Bowser was forced to eat the vegetable and then battle the Wiggler. A bit after beating the Wiggler, Bowser got a major stomachache that came from Durmite. The Mario brothers must defeat Durmite and so continue their adventure. Durmite reveals that she is actually Wisdurm, the guardian of the first Star Cure.

In battle, Durmite attack the plumbers in many ways. One of her attacks turns Durmite completely red from anger, like wigglers do, and charge at Mario or Luigi. The plumbers can counter this attack using their hammers, making damage to Durmite. However, Durmite can use keen attacks, such as spiting a sticky string from her snout to capture either Mario or Luigi and eat them.

After eating the victim, Durmite can spit out her meal for an attack against the heroes or sometimes release the victim from her rear to hit the target to the back and lose speed then. Durmite will summon Biffiduses to fight for her, which she can devour and use the spears Biffiduses wield and shot towards any of the brothers with her snout. These attacks can be avoided using a timely jump. Durmite will sometimes summon a straw from her mouth, consuming health from Bowser and so regaining her health. The brothers must take a quick action on destroying the straw which stops Durmite from sucking nutrients.


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