Mario Golf: Toadstool Tour is the second game in the Mario Golf series (developed by Camelot Software Planning) and the first for the GameCube. The noticeable features are special elements such as Fast Fairways ( where the ball rolls much farther than on a normal fairway), Warp Pipes, (when a ball is shot into a Warp Pipe, it will come out of the corresponding same-colored pipe) and Chain Chomps (when a ball is hit and it lands near them, the Chain Chomp will chase after the ball, causing an O.B. shot).

In this game, Birdo appears as a playable character. she appears from the start. Her medium size made her a balanced character. When playing as Birdo and getting a nice shot, her swing consists of a rainbow. Which is actually very similar to the Yoshi golf swing, and this game was the first game in which Birdo used a rainbow ability. Her letter of challenge states, "I love to golf and now I want to play other golfers! Are you in?". She also appears in the opening movie golfing with Boo.

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