Birdo's emblem

Mario Party 7 is the seventh home console installment in the Mario Party series, and the final installment for the Nintendo Gamecube system. In this game, Mario and the gang go vacationing on Mushroom World (to locales based off of the real world) using Peach's Cruiser. However, Bowser is not invited on the cruise and decides to cause trouble for Mario and his friends.

In this party game, Birdo is a secret guest of Toadsworth, who resides on the Duty Free Shop. She was one of the two new characters, the other being Dry Bones, they join-up to go on a luxury cruise around the world. This is the first time in the Mario Party series with Birdo as a playable character, she is unlocked with 1,000 mileage points on the Duty Free Shop. In this Mario Party installment, Birdo's emblem is her red bow, and her default partner is Yoshi in the "Team Mode", their team orb being the Egg Orb.


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