Mario Strikers Charged Football (also known as Mario Strikers Charged in North America and Japan) for Wii is the second game in the Mario Football franchise, preceded by the Nintendo GameCube title Mario Smash Football. Charged is to soccer as Mario Kart Wii is to racing: while the basic rules are intact, many additions and modifications to them are in place. The result is a new sport, Strikers, the Mushroom Kingdom version of soccer. While a remake of the original in many regards, the main draws of the game are its increased strategy and online regional multiplayer, which utilizes the Nintendo Wi-Fi Connection.

This soprt also drew much attention from the Birdo species as a whole. Once again, multiple Birdos competed as sidekick players, this time breaking away from all Birdo teams and playing alongside other species. And again, these girls were one of the many species filling the stadiums.


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