Mario Super Sluggers (Super Mario Stadium Family Baseball) is the Wii installment follow up to Mario Superstar Baseball. This game borrows elements seen from the Mario Superstar Baseball game, but it also includes new elements as well for this installment, including a variety of gameplay controls, using the Wii Remote/Nunchuck accessories, and a detailed Challenge Mode, which is the main focus of this game.

In Mario Super Sluggers, Birdo reprised her role as a Team Captain (of the Birdo Bows), but still did not have her own stadium. She continued to be good at pitching and fielding, and her powers include Suction Ball, Cannon Swing & Suction Catch. Birdo has good chemistry with Princess Daisy, Yoshi, Petey Piranha, Shy Guy and Toadette.

In this game, Birdo is seen arriving on the island with other close Mario company, where they are greeted by Princess Peach and Toadsworth. Birdo and the rest follow to the lighthouse on the Daisy Cruiser, where they overlook the island. After Birdo is seen with Yoshi in the Yoshi Park, she is seen with Daisy in the batter-box until rushing to Luigi and Mario after their victory. At the end of Challenge Mode, Birdo is seen running with Yoshi to toss Mario in the air as congratulations for defeating Bowser. Soon after, the fireworks start, and Birdo is seen at the Mario Stadium with Peach, where they enjoy a final explosion.

Challenge ModeEditar



Birdo is stuck in a nearby tree, and the rainbow bridge that leads to her is currently down. Looks like you'll have to tackle that pesky Bowser Jr. to restore it. Take the manhole from the main area and head right to find him. He'll challenge you to a mini-game of "Hit Piranha Plants." In the game, you'll have to throw one of four pitches at the piranha plant, depending on what post it assumed. If it's leaning to the left or right, throw a curve pitch in that direction (by tilting the stick). If it's hanging low, throw a normal pitch. Finally, if it's standing up, throw a change-up (by holding "A" during a pitch. The key to winning is to hit the plants in a row without messing up; each time you do so, your combo will score more and more points. Finally, try throwing star pitches when your meter is full for even more!. After Bowser Jr. hightails it outta there, climb the rainbow bridge that appeared to the left and speak with Birdo to add her to your team.