Mario Superstar Baseball (known in Japan as Super Mario Stadium Miracle Baseball) is one of the many Mario series installments featuring Mario and his friends playing sports, and the first in the Mario Baseball series.

In Mario Superstar Baseball, Birdo made her first appearance on the baseball field, she is a balance character specializing in batting, but lacking in all other areas. Her special pitch/hit is the Weird Ball, when the player has purchased the weird ball in the store from the Challenge Mode, Birdo is able to use her special move. She was found on Yoshi's team as a unlockable Sub-Captain, and could also be chosen as a captain in Exhibition Mode. Her alternate names are: Birdo Models, Birdo Beauties and Birdo Bows. Birdo shared good chemistry with Yoshi, Shy Guy and Petey Piranha; Also she doesn't share a bad chemistry with the rest of the characters.


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When the Sub-Captain, Birdo, heads the team, she lends her name to the team and it is called Birdo Beauties, Birdo Models or Birdo Bows. The team can be chosen in Exhibition Mode, but during Challenge Mode, the team is chosen for Yoshi.

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