Popple is one of the main characters in Mario & Luigi: Superstar Saga. Popple, or the "Shadow Thief" as he calls himself, is a wannabe super thief who dreams of getting rich quick. The Mario Bros. first ran into Popple and his accomplice, Rookie (who was really an amnesiac Bowser) in the Chucklehuck Brewery where they were after the secret of the brewery's world famous drink. Engaging the bros. in battle Mario and Luigi managed to beat Popple and the blank-minded Bowser. The two showed up again when Mario and Luigi solved the puzzles of Chucklehuck Woods, but they ended up being blasted into the sky by the Chuckolator.

The bros. encountered Rookie and Popple again in the basement of Woohoo Hooniversity, where they were trying to steal the Beanstar. The two groups ended up fighting again, and even when using their own bros. move, Popple and Rookie still lost. Suddenly after the battle the head of a Peach robot fell through the ceiling and it's voice irritated the Beanstar so much it burst through the ceiling, taking Mario, Luigi, Rookie and Popple with it. The Beanstar then divided into four pieces flinging all it's passengers off.

Popple appeared again in Chucklehuck Woods trying to get a piece of the Beanstar off a statue. The Mario Bros. fought him again, but this time without Bowser. Popple again appeared again having made a base in Teehee Valley. After finding an unconscious Luigi in the desert he took him as a prisoner to lure Mario to his base. After Mario freed Luigi, Popple attacked and introduced his new Rookie, Birdo, who had fallen hopelessly in love with him. After losing in battle Popple blamed his defeat on Birdo and called her useless, Birdo, heart-broken knocked him through the wall. Popple was then sentenced to community service in Little Fungitown where he is last seen, and ironically, his supervisor calls him Rookie.

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