Wisdurm is a character from the game Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story. She is the guardian of the first Star Cure. She is the real form of Durmite once Mario and Luigi managed to defeat her first. Wisdurm attacks the Mario bros. in various ways. Sometimes she sends a giant heart into the air which quickly flashes a picture of one of the brothers and lands on them. She can also attack by shrinking one of the brothers and chasing after them. The plumbers have to hit Wisdurm with the Hammer a couple of times to fend against her attack. She also attacks by spitting a beam of stars at the Mario brothers. It moves slowly up and down a couple of times. When she takes enough damage, she will use her Magical Rod on her tail to make the brothers switch places while dodging the beam so that they'll have to switch using buttons to dodge attacks. She can also shrink one of the Mario Bros. and attempt to trample them. The shrunken bro must simultaneously move away from her and hammer her to get away.

Wisdurm starts the battle small, but a gauge above her fills as she takes damage. When the gauge is filled, she transforms into her larger, more powerful form. The Mario Bros. can attack the Magical Rod to empty the gauge. After the Magical Rod takes enough damage, Wisdurm will shrink again.

Wisdurm's Butterfly formAfter being defeated, she'll turn into a butterfly and drop the Star Cure and the brothers continue their adventure. It is unknown if she ever managed to escape Bowser.


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